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WEll of Rebirth

2023 Oil on Canvas 112 x 112cm 

Staring in to the swirling darkness at the centre of the crocus, it becomes clear that an oracular message is coming to light. 
You allow yourself to be consumed by the darkness, it pulls you in and rips through you, spiralling you down, down spiralling, through the stem. 
You sit at what you think is the bottom for a while. Different messages swirl around you. 
You're seeing them, but can't quite capture them and hold them inside you. 
Until one. 
One comes along, shimmering at the bottom. It snakes its way up to you. Twirling in circumventing loops all the way through you. You begin to glow, shimmer and vibrate. As this happens you rise up again, slowly, but towards the light.

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