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Guardians of the Pearl Abyss

2023 92 x 112 cm Oil on canvas

You jump
Across the water flowing, but don't reach the other side
You fall
Into the abyss
Down deep into the depths of the darkness
You are the darkness
Travelling alone
Travelling through tunnels of water
You realise there's actually a lot of light in the dark.
You keep pushing forward
Through the depths
Until you come to the pearl
In the great abyss.
The pearl contains at once all the tears of the world
and at the same time all it's wisdom.
Picking up the pearl you clutch it close to your heart.
You hear messages, it's guidance streaming in to your heart.
You cry, wailing crying to everything that came before.

And then you swim
Up Up Up

You see the bank on the other side
Calling to you. This side is yours now. This is where your new life begins.

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