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2023, 70x 90cm, oil on canvas

We searched for leagues beyond the sea

Everything was frozen then 

Nothing growing as it had used to. 

But we had a feeling 

That something was alive beneath the frozen surface

We felt the shifting in our sleep

When our bodies were at their most open, unaffected by the day to day rhythms. 

In waking, we closed our eyes whilst walking, to try to sense our way to the source. 

Picking though ice crystals, fumaroles and icebergs the light beneath began to shift. 

Deeper, into a spectrum of blues, indigos and violets.

All at once an energetic burst shattered the ice in front of us, springing through, up up up into the atmosphere above us. It was the most spectacular radiant force we had ever witnessed, its power shimmering through onto the ice caps below. The burst crashed through the otherwise silent landscape to which we had become so accustomed. 

We woke up from the force ; it was this energy we had been searching for, this energy which had been frozen for too long. 

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