Sugary Toes, Bloody Nose 


The landscape was like the surface of the moon, or so they say.

All crumbling rock & dust that would cling to your skin.

You felt the dust even after you’d left.

You felt it there in your throat.

Luckily though this moonscape was by the sea. The sea could wash away all residual ache.  

Tears melding with the sea. Who could tell the difference: Salty as they both were. One became the other. One loaded with emotions- Was other too?

A choking sensation around the heart and throat.

The tears hit, like a wave against the body. Uncontrollable and gushing. Breathless. Unrequested they appeared and smashed against you whilst you searched for peace in the Great Giant Tear that was the sea.

The sea was your shared place, now it could just be yours.

Leaving the giant tear with your beachy nose. You've got sand on your toes instead of shoes.

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