How we attempt to locate our place in the world through journeying and storytelling is the core interest of my practice. The ways in which we re-discover, re-fashion and re-tell collected memories of adventure. Creating new worlds and spaces in our everyday where they don’t belong. 

Growing up with the endless possibilities of words conjuring images in my head like magic, the paintings are an attempt to make real those many worlds and images. Worlds created from collaged memories and thoughts jumbled together, often connecting to places bigger that those in front of our open eyes. 

Points jolt and push away from a coherent reading of the work. The paintings turn and twist you around, spitting you out in a seemingly recognisable world but you're not quite sure if standing on your head was always normal.

 The paintings journey themselves: Working out and re-routing, building like a map through the canvas. The paintings create a truth that exists solely here- by cutting, sticking and pasting together un-related or geographically distant memories. Objects and motifs anchor down certain points, allowing moments to breathe in an otherwise tumultuous whirring of paint. Similar to the way in which I remember; hazy colours, contrasted with more sharply defined moments to delve in to.

Flashes of stories appear like whispers that I must catch before they’ve shot off never to return again. The writing comes impulsively, where the paintings build slowly. Tugging in oppositions, bright and dark, still and moving, familiar and alien, painterly / linear, 2D / 3D. Notions of the fairytale are often touched upon; loaded in the title or the environment of the painting. Many of my paintings are set within the wood. We expect dark things to happen within the wood. I try to invert this notion. Things may not seem settled or at peace within my woodlands and jungles, but they are less foreboding: Hyper-real colours swirl through the painting bombarding and disorientating in a different way to the deep, dark wood.  Something unsettling remains, lurking, in spite of the saccharine colours. 

The paintings build unconsciously often not knowing which way they’ll turn- this unknowing is what keeps them going. A vague idea of what might unfold is never the way things end up. Ultimately leaving a sense that you’d always been here, in a land you’d always known but could not possibly have imagined.