Having moons for eyes is hard this time. The first time I saw the moon in your eyes was the first time we met.

The year was ending and beginning.

I nearly choked on a sparkly piece of plastic that sat at the bottom of my drink. 

The artificial lights flashed and hummed.

 As though we were standing next to the real moon.

You felt like you were already there; a feature of my world. 

Moon eyes remind me of you. You felt like home from that first minute.

Until the silence started and I knew you no longer wanted to take care of our home. 

My eyes couldn't see myself.

I stopped plugging in to you. 


I liked having moon eyes with you. Even though yours were mostly half closed. 

When it was broken I couldn't have moon eyes with anyone else. 

And then one day the moon was no longer you.

The moon brought power that was new.